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The most interesting phase of creating the museum is here!

New year brings the most exciting phase of building the museum – the life-size museum exhibits are moved inside the hangars and the museum can now begin building the displays.


Last year, some of our biggest exhibits were moved into the hangars – some gripping examples of naval artillery, the shipwreck of Maasilinna which is the oldest exhibit at Seaplane Harbour, and of course, the submarine Lembit. The moving of Lembit was a technically difficult operation. Now it is time to move all the other life-size exhibits inside the museum.


A seaplane is in an honorable place in a true museum located inside historical seaplane hangars. The centerpiece of aviation history exhibition at Seaplane Harbour will be a life-size copy of the British seaplane Short 184. It will be hanging from the ceiling to represent the world above the water in the museum's three levels – above, on and under the water. The exhibition also portrays different types of ethnological boats, yachts and marine navigation exhibits like buoys.


We are excited to share news with our fans about the interactive area of games and simulators. At the moment we already have a simulator of the Yellow Submarine inside the hangars that takes the visitors to a voyage around the world. Visitors can also navigate a seaplane and fly over the gulf of Finland. The participants of our summer events helped to create the best models for the museum's paper plane game.


The next four months is going to be an interesting time, when the historic hangars will become a modern maritime museum. Stay tuned with the course of creating the museum on our website!